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    What are you smoking?

    Mt420man Strawberry Cough - This time less than the first time. Maybe this will work.
    2015-08-29 20:41:45 UTC
    FattFang Puffing while listening to "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar...birds eating my grapes are dropping doo-doo on the GG #4...
    2015-08-29 20:02:02 UTC
    FattFang All together now, take a deep pull, exhale....ahhhh...pain go away today! ...again, repeat
    2015-08-29 19:50:32 UTC
    Flashback Bowls of MK Ultra and OG Cheese fortified with an occasional sprinkle of XXX OG sand hash. Cheers Mappers!
    2015-08-29 19:34:59 UTC
    Esantana73 GG#4. Absolute Nug Run Shatter.
    2015-08-29 19:33:12 UTC
    MADD MAXX I'm pinned to my chair thanks to a bowl of Hellraiser OG....
    2015-08-29 19:01:06 UTC
    FattFang A mix of Candyland & Chemscout for A.M. clouds...reaching out to all cloud makers...Enjoy your Saturday!
    2015-08-29 18:16:06 UTC
    Flashback Justin Young - Leaving on a Jet Plane -
    2015-08-29 17:57:59 UTC
    Flashback John Cruz - Island Style -
    2015-08-29 17:44:25 UTC
    Z_WEED GG#4,very rippy!!!good day to all!
    2015-08-29 17:26:21 UTC
    RaynMan206 Long live BHO. Happy Shatterday mappers!!
    2015-08-29 17:21:39 UTC
    kiidenvii13 1 Gram os Electric Lemonade with Live Resin.
    2015-08-29 16:40:03 UTC
    Canobudder Waking up hit some dabs and off to the valley to see some more Can O' Budder on the shelves
    2015-08-29 16:38:25 UTC
    Silver and Black 619 weed chocolate mold. Casa Luna 250mg cookies n cream melted with reclaim/coconut oil. i can only eat half. its so strong. awesome.
    2015-08-29 16:38:18 UTC
    Master Stillness Some Shake and finger kief..Listening to one of the best reggae tracks.. 10 Foot Ganja Plant's Your Voice
    2015-08-29 16:32:23 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 Good morning folks! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY YA HEAR!!!!! ~Diamond OG baby!!!
    2015-08-29 15:45:45 UTC
    2015-08-29 15:45:40 UTC
    highcountrygal Great high day all! Coffee, dabs and my favorite GG#4. Going for Mongolian food with a friend, I am starving! Enjoy your day:)
    2015-08-29 15:28:19 UTC
    Kosmosfreak Anyone know of any place in my area offering any great deals on shake?
    2015-08-29 15:15:23 UTC
    janetplanet Morning Mappers! Smoking CTF mixed with roaches...the 1st is 3 days away! Have a great weekend!
    2015-08-29 14:18:03 UTC


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