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    What are you smoking?

    pinktiger1963 Just got the blue moonshine and let me just say WOW!.I like looking at all the posts, you all take the guess work out of it.
    2015-05-27 01:17:11 UTC
    FattFang Candyland on a Terrific are you doing today? I'm doing Puff n Stuff, what about you...?
    2015-05-27 00:57:05 UTC
    Wake&BakeBlazer Ganja Gold Sherbert Tarantula!! The most Tasty n Dankest Joint on the planet. Thanks for making my day!!
    2015-05-26 23:59:34 UTC
    O.G.Snob The taste is great! Have a Stoney Night Everyone... :)
    2015-05-26 23:51:50 UTC
    BigTank75 flo
    2015-05-26 23:20:43 UTC
    gunther25 sour hydro hybrid
    2015-05-26 23:17:35 UTC
    CoeusPrime Finally back from doctor/speech pathologist...rough so pulling out the six-shooter with everything I have in it at once.
    2015-05-26 21:13:27 UTC
    Esantana73 LA Confidential Honeycomb Wax.
    2015-05-26 19:58:42 UTC
    FattFang Buds of an unknown origin-maybe Gelato #45, and leftover BBQ Chix, etc...
    2015-05-26 19:48:59 UTC
    Statick Joyman Rolling Joints SkyWalker And Moon Rocks. Wake And Bake.
    2015-05-26 19:15:36 UTC
    Statick Joyman 10 grams of moon rocks, Half ounce SkyWalker OG, 1 Gram Private Reserve Cranberry Bliss, 1 Gram Kief, Juicy Jay Banana.
    2015-05-26 19:14:25 UTC
    ressletr Still milking the 1g of Moby Dick crumble but today is reclaim day. :-(
    2015-05-26 18:52:46 UTC
    gunderdawg Hitting my Mighty Meds Original....bomb AF :p
    2015-05-26 18:01:42 UTC
    MR.MORRISON Some Blue Dream and coffee. Somewhat here and somewhat there. "Whoever controls the media controls the mind."
    2015-05-26 17:42:59 UTC
    brd1223 Super Silver Haze and Bubble Hash from Buds Direct 0.o
    2015-05-26 17:16:22 UTC
    Papa Bones Sativa Capsule (Hope Oil) x OG Kush Spliff - trip to the store… Taco Tuesday!!!
    2015-05-26 16:59:20 UTC
    btstaley Wake n' bake blue dream rn, best
    2015-05-26 16:21:31 UTC
    Torn Start off with 50mg of OG Kush Caligold bar, followed with a vape session of Mr. Nugz Candyland at 199 C
    2015-05-26 15:56:31 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Super Platinum OG... Morning Mappers! "Indica Small Nugs" @ 220/oz...!!! Green Cross Hydro ~ SD, CA
    2015-05-26 15:56:29 UTC
    smokinbaby24 kemon haze got me sleepy nap time
    2015-05-26 14:35:01 UTC


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